Women of Achievement
Honoring The Volunteer Efforts of Women

2016 Online Nomination Form

The purpose of the Women of Achievement Award is to recognize and honor women of diverse cultures, roles and accomplishments who have demonstrated commitment to the betterment of the St. Louis region through significant voluntary contributions.

Criteria for Selection
A woman nominated as a Women of Achievement should meet the following criteria:

  • Must have a record of achievement and leadership in one or more areas of volunteer service within the St. Louis metropolitan region.
  • Must have made an outstanding or extraordinary contribution as a volunteer, over and above her professional responsibilities, that has helped to address a pertinent need, problem or issue, or has made a difference that improves the quality of life for others within the metro St. Louis area.
  • Distinguish between VOLUNTEER and professional work; discuss nominee’s volunteer service, not her professional career. Is her volunteer work part of her job?
  • Describe current activities, including dates
  • Note how nominee has gone above and beyond service in volunteering; what distinguishes her from other volunteers
  • Discuss the length and breadth of volunteer service, including leadership roles
  • Describe how nominee’s volunteer service had an impact on the community. How many lives did she touch? What difference did she make?
  • Is she a woman with vision; did she see a gap in services and develop a program to fill that gap?
  • Did she perceive a problem and find a solution? Did she collaborate?
  • Does she have charisma? Does she motivate others to join her? Is she a catalyst for change?

Nominations online are preferred. Document the service performed and the impact that service has had on individuals or organizations in the metro region. Be specific, including the length of service and the innovation, leadership and extent of the volunteerism on which the WOA Award is based. Document the service performed and the results of providing that service. Please be concise and do not attach additional information. Do not send multiple forms. One nomination is sufficient. The total nomination should not exceed TWO pages. Use the next two pages for your writing.


Please use the following online form to submit your Nominee's Information to us. You will be asked to provide detailed information about your Nominee. All fields on this form are required so if you do not have the information or it is "not applicable", please type NA in that field. Please be as accurate as possible and allow ample time to properly complete this form. Do NOT include your name in the TEXT/Narrative of your nomination. Only put your name in the appropriate spot for NOMINATOR information.

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Mail Nominations
If you prefer, you can download the nomination form as a printable PDF. Print the form and provide the necessary information. When complete send to:

Women of Achievement
c/o MAC Meetings & Events
801 North Second Street, Suite 302
St. Louis, MO 63102